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Mt Cass Station

Mt Cass Station is located in Waipara, North Canterbury and is an organic unit running 8,300 Wiltshire ewes including 1,000 SIL recorded Stud ewes on medium Hill Country.

We started introducing Wiltshire genetics in 2009, after purchasing our first Wiltshire rams to put across the farm’s existing mid-micron ewes, along with some Wiltshire ewe lambs.

Since then, we have been breeding and selecting and now run an even line of 8,300 Wiltshire ewes alongside their Wiltshire stud, which was established to meet a growing demand for their genetics.

Wiltshire Stud

Mt Cass stations 3300Ha organic system is an ideal testing ground for our genetics. We have been impressed by the Wiltshire’s ability to perform on the hill country without the conventional level of inputs.

It is under this low-input system that Mt Cass Wiltshires come into their own. The breed’s inherent internal parasite tolerance means they have very little requirement for drenching, and they don’t need to be shorn, crutched, or dipped for flystrike.

Mt Cass Wiltshires offer a sheep with low input requirements, this allows us to keep our drench, contractor and labour requirements to a minimum.

Andrew Heard Introduces Mt Cass Station & The Wiltshire Stud

Mt Cass Station is 3300Ha and running 14,500 stock units, watch and listen to Andrew to learn more about Mt Cass Wiltshires.

Sharl Liebergreen From AbacusBio Dunedin

Sharl Liebergreen from AbacusBio talks about data collection and some benefits from the Mt Cass Wiltshire flock.

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Upcoming Mt Cass Wiltshire Sales & Open Days


19 JAN

Mt Cass Wiltshire Ram & Ewe Sale
Address: Symonds Road, Waipara.

Commercial Breeding stock for sale

• Wiltshire Ewe Lambs available
• 2th Wiltshire ewes available
• Older Wiltshire Ewes available

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