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About Mt Cass Station

Mt Cass Station

Mt Cass Station is located in Waipara, North Canterbury. We are an organic unit running 8,300 Wiltshire ewes including our Wiltshire stud of 1,000 SIL recorded ewes on a 3,300 hectare property, that spreads from the Waipara wine country to the coast.

Listen to Andrew Heard as he explains the Wiltshire Sheep journey at Mt Cass Station.

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We grow herbs in the pasture, like chicory, which deters parasitic nematode larvae, and lucerne which is full of protein. We also practice a clean grazing regime, whereby the lambs, at their most vulnerable, graze on paddocks which have been rotated by crops and cross grazed with cattle to minimise parasite egg contamination.

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Mt Cass Wiltshire Stud

Mt Cass has been running Wiltshires since 2009, after purchasing our first Wiltshire rams to put across the farm’s existing mid-micron ewes, along with some Wiltshire ewe lambs. Since then we have been breeding and selecting and now run an even line of 8,300 Wiltshire ewes alongside our Wiltshire stud, which was established to meet a growing demand for their genetics.

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Dave Wooldridge

General Manager

Dave joined the team at Mt Cass in 2021 after returning from working on farms in NZ and around the world. Dave is a keen believer in the future of the Wiltshire breed in NZ’s sheep industry and the benefits the breed has to offer farmers throughout NZ.

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